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Trains from science fiction and fantasy movies, real trains or models, no CGI.
Ghosts of Mars, Total Recall, Back to the Future III, and Goldeneye.

Ghosts of Mars (2001)

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Train Pulling into Mining Outpost Railroad Logo

The train stopping at the mining outpost. The logo of the railroad.

Filming the Train John Carpenter on the Set

Filiming the train. The director on the set.

These pics are from The Official John Carpenter Website.
(I cannot find these photos on the John Carpenter site any longer)

Front of Engine 3/4 Side View
Back Quarter of Train at Platform Back of Engine
Side View

Some of the film Ghosts of Mars was shot in a gypsum mine west
of Albuquerque New Mexico, close to the town of San Ysidro on Cabezon road.
The train engine was constructed of plywood covered by tin. The inside is an empty room.
Photos and text by James Overfelt 2005.

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John Eaves photos and concept art

Ghosts of Mars train model and concept art sell at auction

Total Recall (1990)

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Passenger Train on Mars

When the main character, Douglas Quaid, arrives at
Mars, a few seconds of this train is shown.
The track gauge is wide, and the cars
look like lunch boxes sitting on some sort of skids.
It is a wonderful surprise in the middle of the movie.

Total Recall Behind the Scenes #6 Total Recall Behind the Scenes #7

Several scenes of the Martian colony are shown at night.

The Paul Verhoeven Fan Page website.

Back To The Future III (1990)

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Back To The Future Engine

The engine is shown at the end of the movie.
It was used at Universal Studios as part of the Back To The Future ride.

Back To The Future Steam Engine Model

Back to the Future Train by Randy Cooper on Starship Modeler website

Goldeneye (1995)

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Scene from James Bond Movie

In this 1995 James Bond film,
a British Rail class 20 locomotive was used
as an escape train. It was disguised to look
like a Soviet armoured locomotive
for one of the film's major stunt
sequences where it collides with a tank.
The scene was filmed on the
Nene Valley Ry.

For more information on the D8188 see:
Model Rail Forum - Bachmann Class 20 Review

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