1970's Nuclear Engine

closeup of front

The 1970s! When anything was possible, especially if the government was paying!

Canadian National Railways, a government owned railway, teamed up with CANDU, Canada's nuclear reactor manufacturer to create an unique type of locomotive: nuclear powered...

...An old F-7 was gutted and configured to run a water cooled reactor in place of the usual Diesel-Electric. One unexpected benefit was that if you ran the reactor a little bit "hot", you killed all the weeds along the right-of-way. Neat, eh?

 side view

I used the launch track from the Pegasus kit of the Space Ark from "When Worlds Collide" as the Monorail track, with a large chunk of square tubing attached as the monorail. The reactor is made from spares and bits and stuff laying about my house. The cooling tower was "heat formed" over a candy thermometer.

Alvis 3.1

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