Overview of the Tromz Valdirea Railroad

Railroad Information

  • Name: Tromz Valdirea (Tromes Val-di-ree-uh) "route to the desert lands"
  • Monogram: TrV
  • Shortline railroad operating between the Len-Zaanya Class 1 RR to the west and the vordra (desert) in the east.
  • Total mileage:
    Northern Trackage = 313.1 miles;
    Southern trackage = 470.3 miles;
    Total = 783.4 miles.


  • Original line from Chemtra Pass to Queti Lam Dus--commuter and freight service to the spaceport.
  • Another line started from Tremis Fentra to the Cardite Mining Fields.
  • Both lines were extensions of the Len Zaanya; the lines were not profitable and were sold to
    Tittle Point Enterprises, who formed the TrV and built connections between the two lines.

Political Climate

  • Monarchy
  • Current Monarch: His Royal Majesty Edat Priem IV of the Royal Family of Fertuigia
  • Realm: Arcomeda and Western Virn Continents.
  • The DDR (Doximus Domula Regula--this is the department of the Monarchy that governs railroad operations) controls movements of Strobium and explosive liquids and gases.

Geographical Location

  • planet - Mitae Vorn
  • continent - Arcomeda
  • country - Mid LaTibita
  • province - Darneleta Oastra

Geographical Features

  • Desert climate, high temperatures, dry air
  • Changes in temp between day time and night time
  • Rainfall less than 5 inches a year
  • Plant life suited for low moisture climate: jub-jub bushes, tump grass, several varieties of ground cactus, soyver palm
  • Underground aquifer supplies water for the area in Redvina Fentra
  • Flash flood danger during rainfall

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