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Blue Sun Mining

#636700, #636701, #636702

hopper-scifi-trains-jackhess-636700 hopper-scifi-trains-jackhess-636701 hopper-scifi-trains-jackhess-636702

Prototype: Blue Sun Mining is the largest mining company on the planet. When its rail equipment has logged the legal limit of service, the equipment is put into the Cardite Equipment Pool, to be leased by chipping companies as needed.

Model: All three are converted HO grain hoppers.

#636703 Forthian Hopper

hopper-scifi-trains-jackhess-636703a hopper-scifi-trains-jackhess-636703b

Prototype: A fortified hopper used during the Arklander Skirmish in Jesta Province. A local group decided they didn't like interfence in their land and they began destroying all mining and dredging operations. New hoppers cars were built with thick sides and ends to resist projectile puncture and explosions. This is the only surviving peice of railroad equipment from that time period as it was several hundred miles away still waiting to be shipped out.

Model: Built from a Tyco cylindrical hopper and a LifeLike FB dummy chassis. The ends were enclosed with styrene and reefer ice hatches used for dump doors.

#636707 40' Hopper


Prototype: One of a group of cars retired from Parta Canyon Mine in southern Oastra Province.

Model: #07 is made from an old metal hopper kit.

#636706 Short Hopper


Prototype: Retired from Blue Sun Mining's Far-Ris Canyon Mining Operation. Cars used at this site were shorter in order to negoiate the tighter curves in the canyon.

Model: Built from an HO 36' ribside hopper.

#636708 Powder Car

hopper-scifi-trains-jackhess-636708a hopper-scifi-trains-jackhess-636708b

Prototype: Powder cars carry finely crushed cardite (carbon) from the tower site.This powder is the by-product of the chipping and sizing. This car has a built in reducer (or fine grinder) , which grinds the bits of carbon into a very small uniform size.

Model: An Atlas 60' 4-door boxcar was sectioned at the door area and a platform cut into one end. The center section of the roof was removed and a flat roof installed. Side panels are jewelry making items.

Kitbashing an Atlas Hopper   Make Your Own Decals

Eredco-Cymarta Chipping Company

Portable Pneumatic Chipper


Prototype: The pneumatic hopper is from Syndra Province, used in the cardite mining operations in the eastern region.

Model: A Lionel O scale coil cover was used as the hopper, and the chassis was scratchbuilt. Various cast metal tractor parts were used for the mechamism components. Shown in the left photo as an On30" car.

#1506 - Column Gondola


Prototype: Used to carry long chunks of cardite which have been chipped off the heed. Made by Brocchain Industries, and identifiable by the panelled sides.

Model: Scratchbuilt out of an all-door boxcar boxcar body and the top of the body was used for the ends. The floor/chassis is a piece of styrene and the trucks have 42" diameter wheelsets.

#78 - Caboose/Crew Car

caboose-scifi-trains-jackhess-78a caboose-scifi-trains-jackhess-78b

Prototype: This caboose is used on cardite hopper car trains.These trains usually are in the chipping area and are suceptible to cardite fragments falling from a tower. A protective covering is applied to the car body.

Model: An Athearn streamline car has Evergreen Hill styrene glued over the outside to represent a protective coating. A crude end platform was made.

Mobile Generator

generator-scifi-trains-jackhess-b generator-scifi-trains-jackhess-b

Prototype: Generator cars are used to supply electrical power in remote locations. Here is a Tellmot Self-Contained car, in less than new condition. Electricity is generated by a strobium derivitive liquid fuel called Stros-Bar 57 or commonly called "B57." The support car, which carries cables and hangers, is not shown.

Model: This was a crazy idea I had of turning an ore car upside down.

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