Private Roadnames Roster

DDR (Doximus Domula Regula)

#9955 Veralux Strobium Transporter

hopper-scifi-trains-jackhess-9955a hopper-scifi-trains-jackhess-9955b

#9150 Neptune Strobium Transporter


Prototype: Strobium is a radio active mineral which is used to power surface and space vehicles, depending on how it is processed and enriched. The strobium fuel used to power railroad engines has to be transported in specially designed cars. This includes new fuel distributed to service facilities and used fuel removed as waste. The Veralux car is an older car with three chambers which can carry new or used fuel or a combination of both. It's odd shape was designed during the war on the Lam Continent to deflect detection during scanning. The Neptune car is typical of current strobium cars with only two chambers. Strobium cars are owned by the government (DDR) so they do not carry a railroad name, only a registered number.

Model: #9955 is built from two Tyco three bay covered hoppers. The bottoms were used as the sides and one set of sides as the bottom and top. Various details added. #9150 is made from a Con-Cor single bay covered hopper with a modified roof. Side panels are brass sheet painted silver.

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