Gas Cars

#734 On30 Gas Car

White Pass and Yukon fictional gas car #734

Prototype: No information

Model: #734 is an On30" gas car built in 1993. Since I was loosely modeling the White Pass & Yukon, this car received WP&Y lettering. An HO flatcar body was widened and styrene used to create the cradles, while the storage tanks are plastic domes from a vending machine.

#GCX-100 HO Globule Carrier


Prototype: The globules are spheres of gas delivered to distributors where they are loaded onto trucks for delivery to local businesses.

Model: #GCX-100 is built on an MDC HO 60' flatcar. The globules are wood spheres from the craft store and the cradle is thin styrene sheet. Details were not added as this was a study model only.

N Scale Excursion Crawler

crawler left side crawler rear crawler side detail crawler front

Prototype: Crawlers are used to travel over undeveloped terrain. This one has been turned into a touring vehicle.

Model: Built from a diecast Japanese train car body and two sets of treads from two LifeLike N scale bulldozers. Figures were added to the interior. Undercarriage details are odds-and-ends from an N scale structure. The word "expedition" is misspelled.

N Scale Hoppers

6240 7198 CI 534 567

Prototype: No information

Model: #6240 and #7198 are made from boxcars that have been shortened and the roofs removed. CI is a Strobium Transporter built from a covered hopper. #534 is a Trix tripple hopper cut down to two bays. #567 is a shortened cylindrical hopper with the top removed.

On30" Post-Apocalyptic Generator Car

Apocalyptic Generator Car with Water Tender Sideview of Generator Car Water Tender Sideview

Prototype: After a global nuclear war, the survivors begin to reconstruct their world from the bits remaining. This car carries water, fuel and a boiler to generate electricity.

Model: The generator car started as a Bachmann On30 boxcar. I removed one side door and added three On30" Bachmann caboose cupolas as a clerestory roof. Grandt Line doors were installed along with various louvres. The horizontal screen is O scale brass roofwalk material. The copper water pipe is a flex straw. The upright vents are styrene tubing with caps made from 20 Mule Team wagon hubs. Trucks were covered with styrene material. The tender is one half of another Bachmann On30" boxcar with an HO tankcar inside. The chassis is from a European 4-wheel freight car.

1/35 Lunar Railroad Cars

Lunar Gondola and Flatcar Lunar Flatcar Lunar Gondola and 1/35 Figure

Prototype: The countries of the world had decided to mine the moon and each country submitted designs for a lunar railroad. These are entries from the United States.

Model: These were built for the Starship Modeler ( contest, "To The Moon." I wanted cars with sharp angles to create an unusual look. Both cars are scratchbuilt from styrene sheet and the trucks are HO scale with 42" wheelsets. Decals were made with a laser printer and clear decal paper.

1/150 Trek Style Cargo Ship

shuttle shuttle

Prototype: A small cargo vessel in the style of Star Trek (the original series).

Model: This concept model was built to explore the possibilities of a cargo ship in the Star Trek style. The body is a 1/150 Japanese diecast high speed train body with styrene wings and nacelles. A stand was made to hold the model.

HO Scale Starbug Style Air Taxi

HO Gallant Starbug Gallant

HO Scale Starbug Taxi

Prototype: Read info inside the construction article.

Model: I wanted to convert a standard car into a Fifth Element style air car but since these cars are unique designs that mimic 1950's cars, a conversion was not practical. The Starbug idea seemed to be a better choice and I found a real car dressed up to look like Starbug. My version is built from a Mitsubishi Gallant.

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