Tromz Valdirea Roster


#5-11 Colony 5 - Freight Service Locomotive

locomotive-scifi-trains-jackhess-511a.jpg locomotive-scifi-trains-jackhess-511b.jpg locomotive-scifi-trains-jackhess-511c.jpg

Prototype: The locomotive was purchased from the Colony 5 Railroad when mining operations closed. It is powered by batteries which are charged with solar panels. On the locomotive's backend is an anti-static discharge system that prevents static electricity from interfering with the engine's electrical circuitry.

Model: Built from an American GK single cab electric body and an Athearn CC chassis.

Chassis Testing   Wheel Conversion   Remotor   Build a 2-56 Nut Wrench   Body Kitbash


#G345 - Tank Train Crew & Supply Car

caboose-scifi-trains-jackhess-g345b caboose-scifi-trains-jackhess-g345a

Prototype: DDR railroad rules stipulate than any train hauling tank cars requires a crew and supplies to clean up spills in the event of a derail. On trains carrying toxic substances, there may be several suppply cars and several crew cars. In the case of water tank trains, they can be combined.

Model: Model was kitbashed from a 50' express car body and a covered hopper roof.


#1801 - Standard Boxcar


Prototype: This car is one of several short boxcars purchased from Starfleet Operations on Alpha Centauri.

Model: Car is built from a shortened Walthers mail handling car.


#608 - Truck Service Flatcar

flatcar-scifi-trains-jackhess-a flatcar-scifi-trains-jackhess-b

Prototype: Flatcar dedicated to Ruvan Rail Facility in truck transportation service.

Model: Two MDC 30' flat cars were glued end-to-end to create a longer car. The stake pockets have been streamlined and a rack was installed to carry the trucks.


#208 - Heavy Duty Gondola


Prototype: A heavy duty gondola used for transporting super-metals and dense ores.

Model: Built from an Athearn 50' ribside boxcar and Walthers passenger car trucks.

#211, 212, 213, 214 - 40' Gondola


Prototype: General purpose gondolas built by Wyan-Holt Ground Engineering Services.

Model: Kitbashed from an Athearn 50' express reefer chassis and a 40' gondola body.

Reinventing the 40' Gondola

Tank Cars

#G346-G353 - Water Tank Cars

tankcar-scif-trains-jackhess-g346 G348 tankcar-scifi-trains-jackhess-g349
tankcar-scifi-trains-jackhess-g351.jpg tankcar-scifi-trains-jackhess-g353.jpg

Prototype: These tank cars were purchased from the Len Zaänya and compose the main fleet of water service on the TrV.

Model: Built from various HO tankcars with styrene added to give the impression that the frame was reinforced.

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