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Transformer Train

This trainset was a tie-in to the popular Transformer toys.
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Tyco Transformers Train Set 1985 MIB
switcher switcher opened
The engine uses the 3-axle power unit found in Tyco's line of diesels.
The body looks like the regular switcher body except that it has a new
hood top which has a radar dish and a side panel that opens.
All of these cars use a semi-scale dummy knuckle coupler
whereas most HO model trains of this time period had horn hook couplers.
boxcar boxcar expands to a command center
The boxcar, as well as the other two cars, run on a 4-wheel chassis.
This plugdoor boxcar unfolds to make a command center.
gondola gondola exposes ray gun
The gondola top flips over to reveal a ray gun.
caboose caboose transforms into a jet
The caboose transforms into a strange looking
jet and one wheelset pivots down to raise the nose.

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